Rhino 6 C++ SDK Available


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Rhino 6 C++ SDK Available

Your C++ plug-ins for Rhino 5 or earlier must be recompiled to run in Rhino 6.

The C++ Software Developers Kit (SDK) for compiling Rhino 6 for Windows plug-ins, is now available.

Now is a good time to migrate your plug-in to Rhino 6.


  • Download the current C++ SDK for Rhino WIP for Windows.
  • Learn about what’s new and what’s changed.
  • Migrate your plug-in projects to Rhino 6.
  • Report any problems you find here

I want to make sure this new SDK works for you. If you have any issues, contact me.


Dale Fugier
Phone: +1 (206) 634-4588


Bob sent an email yesterday announcing that openNURBS 6 is now available. It also has a link to Food4Rhono so you can update your product availability for Rhino 6. Food4Rhino in turn has a link to this page in order to get the latest Rhino 6 SDK. The C++ SDK link here is broken.

(Dale Fugier) #3

Hi @Gary,

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve forwarded this to @carlosperez and the Food4Rhino team.

– Dale

(Carlos Pérez) #4

Hi @Gary

Do you mean the link on the banner “Is your plug-in 6 ready”?. It forwards to Rhino 6 C++ SDK Available

Otherwise, please let me know exactly where is that link, thanks!


Yes, that’s the one.

(Carlos Pérez) #6

The link works fine here in Chrome, which browser are you using?



The link on your page works fine. The “C++ SDK” link on this page is the broken one. So either this link needs to be fixed or your link changed to point to the correct SDK page.

(Dale Fugier) #8

Hi Gary,

Can you provide us a link to the page has the incorrect SDK link? Perhaps a screen shot might help. We seem to be having difficulty finding what you’ve described.


– Dale


Look to the top of THIS very same forum page that we are currently posting in. You have posted a link to the SDK that seems to be broken.

(Dale Fugier) #10

Hi @Gary,

Thanks - I’ve edited my old post. :wink:

– Dale

(Carlos Pérez) #11

Thanks for letting us know, it seems Dale already fixed it!



Why don’t you just link to the SDK directly instead of sending people to this old thread?