Rhino WIP : Request : extension of expiration period

Hi, I’m currently developing a web service using Rhino Inside (rhino compute), so I’m using Rhino WIP application on my server.
The problem is, if the updated WIP version has a critical issue (such as crash),
we have to perform a rollback to relatively stable version, but since current expiration period is 45 days, we don’t have enough time to prepare and wait for the update.
Could you extend Rhino WIP expiration period? (to maybe 90 days?)
I feel insecure whenever I update the version, but if the period is enough, I think it will be much better.

Hi @evan12,

Thanks for your request. This is a tricky time for all of us because we want to ensure that people stay current as we develop and improve compute, and we also want to not impose a really frequent update interval.

I recommend that you develop a procedure to update your service every week with the latest WIP - that gives you about 30 days to roll back, report a bug to us, and get a fix. You should be able to script the entire process so that doing the update daily or weekly or monthly takes almost no time. Getting this update infrastructure set up early will make it easier for you to update your production servers once Rhino 7 is released.

In the end, having a 90-day expiration seems to only make it so you’d update less frequently. Or is there another benefit of the 90-day expiration for you?

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Also, are there tools that we could help write that would help you with frequent deployment and rollback? I imagine you’re not alone in wanting this process to be very straightforward and simple.

I am trying to write a script that does what you described above.
Right now I’m downloading a specific version from a URL looking like this:

It would be great if there’s a URL that returns the latest version. But if not, can you help me understand the date and version portion of the URL above so I can generate the URL for the next release?