Auto-Update Rhino for Windows WIP after its expiration date?

Hi. I am wondering whether there is a way I can automatically update the Rhino for Windows WIP after its expiration date.

Our team recently built a web system that incorporates Rhino.Inside (resthopper) which is only supported by Rhino WIP at this point. We had a problem during a demo session, once Rhino WIP installed on server expired. - We were not aware of that it usually expires after 40 days. Now, we are trying to figure out the way we can deal with this restriction.

It will be much appreciated if one can give us advice regarding this matter.

Thanks in advance.


@brian or @will Any ideas?

Hi @j.chun,

The Rhino WIP expires because we are constantly fixing bugs, and it’s really time consuming for us to deal with bug reports from old builds. I realize that this makes for deployment hassles.

Our installers are not really designed for unattended deployment. Sometimes a restart of the computer is required, and sometimes that restart isn’t announced very well. When this happens, the most likely symptom is that Rhino fails to run until you restart the computer.

Automatic updates only work for client installations of Rhino - because the installation process needs to be approved by a human, and sometimes requires the computer to restart.

You can get Rhino to update by starting Rhino as a user on the server, then clicking Help->Check for Updates.

If you want to try to automate the installation of the WIP on your own, given that doing so may take down your system unintentionally, you might try scraping this URL:

This will give you the URL for the latest public WIP. You can then use these instructions to deploy it:

Please be aware that, right now, this is completely unsupported :slight_smile: