Rhino WIP Mac New Code Editor Copy and Paste


Although there is a little hiccup with a DLL casting issue, I am very happy with the new code editor in c# scripting component. However, copy and paste still doesn’t work. Could someone at McNeel please take a look at the issue?


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In addition to the copy and paste issue within the c# scripting component editor, it would be great if I can copy and paste the variable names in the c# scripting component.

@woojsung I’ll be adding an automatic converter to convert the old C# to new C# and will get that copy/pase issue fixed ASAP. (Same problem as this Eto.CodeEditor comment/uncomment shortcuts?)

What’s wrong with copy and pasting parameter names?


@eirannejad, thanks for the reply. The issues with the c# code editor I have are as below.

  1. copy and paste (command + c / v) don’t work.
  2. when change input/output parameter names in the c# component, it doesn’t allow copy and paste.
  3. as in the eto.codeeditor thread, yes, the shortcut to comment/uncomment will be useful

I don’t quite understand what you meant by converting the old c# to new c#, but does it have something to do with the DLL casting issue that I brought up a few days ago? C# Scripting Component Custom Class Casting Error

Thanks again for you feedback, looking forward to testing out the next wip.


@eirannejad, After today’s update, I still see those issues. Do you have ETA for them? Thanks,

@eirannejad , Any update on the copy and paste issue in the new c# component on mac? Thanks,

@eirannejad , this has been fixed. Thank you.

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