Rhino WIP licences expiry

When this happens, as happened to me today at work, assuming McNeel wasn’t that evil if it happened, so I could just copy geometry out, but no, they are that evil…you can save your geometry via Grasshopper, even though the Grasshopper solver is also disabled, just double click the canvas and add a Geometry node by typing “Geometry” then select all in Rhino and right click the Geometry node to assign multiple items from the menu, then again right click to internalize data and save the Grasshopper file. That can then be opened in a new Rhino version and right click Geometry to bake it back into Rhino. You lose all color assignments and layers but get your stuff back in gray at least. You can’t do anything fancy in Grasshopper to grab properties since the solver is disabled.

Also if this happens only in one of your several Rhino sessions running, just set the computer clock back a day or two to prevent those other sessions from disabling their licenses.

I hesitate to post this kludge since McNeel with then start also disabling save in Grashopper to maintain their alliance with Satan.

Hi -

Perhaps you can help us understand the problem you are having.
Did you not notice that the WIP was about the expire? Like, several days ahead of time? New WIPs are released every week.