Rhino wip icon disproportionate

I know, it’s banality, but the Rhino wip icon, in my opinion, is too exaggerated!
In the start menu (windows 10) it looks too big with respect to the others, with a letter “WIP” too large, obvious, as if it was casually stitched on the face of the rhinoceros.
I would have liked to see a more trendy icon, with a discreet “wip”, perhaps placed on one side, below, straight, not in bold …

What do you think? Is my simple observation … I hope to change …

I guess it is on purpose, so that you don’t make the mistake of launching the WIP instead of R5. Sure it’s ugly, but it’s obvious!


:smiley: it seems to look a bit goofy. i think the mac WIP looks better.

anyway you can still make your own icon and exchange it if you want.

RichardZ, perfect!
That written bold “wip” on the face of the Rhinoceros is just horrible!
The mac icon is definitely better! I hope that those who care about drawing the icons provide and fix this horror on Windows 10!

For the new Rhino (final version and wip), I would propose something like this (more semplified), within the limits of feasibility, since the icon is a very small element (the icon in the Windows 10 start menu appears quite large to represent it, in my opinion ).