Rhino 6 icon: very large number!


It’s an aesthetic banality, but in my opinion, the Rhino version number (6) in the program icon in the start menu Windows 10, is exaggeratedly large, cumbersome!
In my opinion it is unsightly and more important than even system icons …
It would have been enough a couple of points less, the proportions are not well respected …
(looks like a visually impaired number!).

Original Icon: number very big

more proportioned icon number:


I like this icon. Move this thread to PaperCuts.


Thanks Andrew, I hope someone reads and is interested in this “small” defect: that number 6 seems inflated with hormones (OGM) … :wink:


An answer?


I think is correct too, I don’t think is too much exagerate for that tiles visualisation system bring up in w10. Instead I don’t understood the six number in the icon

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #6

For the icon on the toolbar it is preferrable to have the 6 stay the size it is:


Same for the start menu without the tiles


For the tile icon I am not too fussed - I always the tiles first thing :slight_smile:


The number 6 in the icon is fine, because you have to differentiate the two versions of Rhino (the stable one and the new wip the other).
The “aesthetic” problem can be seen in the large tile icon of the start menu (Windows 10). That number (6) appears too exaggerated, almost as big as the chrome icon, edge icon, mail icon, etc.
Just a few points less, that’s all! It is a question of image disproportion (in my opinion, of ugly aesthetics, the one suggested by me is much better!).

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #8

I understand. My point is only to keep the size of the six in the smaller versions of the icon for the regular start menu and the task bar (and anywhere else the smaller versions are used) as big as it is.


I understand. I had thought about this, that is to make the number 6 visible in the smaller icons …
If there is no other way we keep the number as it is currently: it is not a major problem!
I can not find a compromise, another solution …


Totally agree.


Nathan, thinking better, adding the number (6) to the icon is redundancy. The large icon of the start menu already has the software nomenclature (Rhino 6); the small icon does not need the identification number (no icon has a number: chrome, edge, word, photoshop, Keyshot, etc., are all without number).

The only difference is the writing WIP: this is enough to differentiate the two versions, the stable one from the work in progress. (If desired, the WIP icon could be created “in negative”, white background and rhinoceros with writing (wip) black colour.

Do as you feel more right and logical, mine was just a suggestion, I’m nobody to decide …