Short freeze when deleting objects (points, curves, surfaces.. anything)

Rhino freezes when I do some operations like deleting, grouping, undoing a move, move doesnt seem to cause it, deselecting an object can cause it. Can be any object, point, curve, surface. The more objects the longer freeze, from 1 second to about 6-7 seconds. It’s driving me nuts yarr! (pirate joke reference)

Edit: I found that it’s isolated to one file, can it be a bad surface or maybe some blocks causing this?

My setup:
Rhino 5 64 bit, latest build
Windows 7 pro updated this morning
Quadro 600 updated drivers last friday

Vray 1.50.22564 (adv)
T-splines 3.5 r8975 (it’s not active in this model though)


Is this one file not just a lot more heavy then the others by any chance?

Yeah it’s very (770 Mb) heavy actually but I haven’t noticed this behavior before, most files I work with are quite massive but maybe it’s a part of the problem.

I do have some heavy files, but I only have around 5% of the file visible at one time. If I would turn on all layers to display everything, then my Rhino also Lags/freezes with many simple commands.

Yeah I don’t have the whole thing visible, my computer would melt but I’ll try to see if it improves if I hide more… brb.

I hid maybe 90% of the objects and it did improve slightly but still unreasonably much freeze time and then it crashed. I’ve had some error reports connected with my quadro card, maybe this is related to it too.

You could copy-paste or send the error report directly. (I would not know but maybe others have tips)

Hi Jens,

Does SelBadObjects select anything in the file? If so, these objects may be involved in the lag, try hiding them if some are present. I’m also wondering if you can disable the two plugins you mentioned and restart Rhino. This is done in Options>Rhino Options>Plugins. I want to rule out these being involved even if you don’t believe they are used. The last thought that comes to mind is the display mode that you are in and if that effects the issue.