Rhino webcam plugin not working in V6

During the V6 wip I had Rhino webcam program installed I tried installing it in v6 but it installs and loads but no image appears on the view when a camera is enabled.
webcam.rhi (157.7 KB)

Also if recompiling please see this request I made for this tool during the V6 beta period

“One thing I found about the plugin, it really could use a “snap or take image button” in addition to the save button. It isn’t the greatest to use the save file button as a snap button, I can’t tell if the picture is snapped or not, and thus it’s hard to frame and take an ideal image, it’s kind of hit or miss now. It would be nice if the image would remain frozen in the cam view after snapping an image and the save button could just become a standard save button. It’s weird that the cam never lets the user know an image is snapped and how it looks before saving it.”


Hi @3dsynergy,

Sorry I missed this. I’ll take a look when I get a chance.

– Dale

Thanks Dale