Camera opn in rhino6

Any one know why is my camera on when I open Rhino6? plus its in all my viewports.

I’m not sure what you are seeing - could you post a screen shot?

its in all my viewports

Also if I go to my camera functions to turn it on I get an error message telling me that another application is using the camera.

Please see this:

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I have the same problem.

That’s a gaming feature in nVidia GeForce drivers I think.
It’s for sharing your screen with other on-line gamers.
I don’t remember the name of the feature but it’s in the Drivers.

see the link it the topic I refrenced - it has a name of the feature you need to disable.

I googled more into it and I had to go into Nvidia Geforce experience and turn off “share” which apparently is a feature to broadcast or stream.