Rhino + Vray Frame Buffer Window AWOL?

This seems like a semi common issue but I dont know what is going on… Does anyone know what to do when the VRay frame buffer window (the panel that shows the rendering!) disappears and won’t return upon selection? I can see the rendering in the windows preview but nothing happens when I click on it, it doesn’t open.

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Chaos got back to me and I ended up deleting a Temp file thats created when the program runs. That has worked well and Im not having the problem anymore.

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Thanks for conveying the fix… do you recall the temp file name and location?


I do not know the full details of this ticket, but I do know the FrameBuffer state is stored in a (CSIDL_APPDATA) folder:

C:\Users{$user}\AppData\Roaming\Chaos Group\V-Ray 3.4 for Rhinoceros 5\FrameBufferState.fbs
C:\Users{$user}\AppData\Roaming\Chaos Group\V-Ray 3.4 for Rhinoceros 6\FrameBufferState.fbs

If the file gets messed up (via crash, etc) the V-Ray Frame Buffer will fail to display correctly, an easy fix is to delete that file.


Thanks Matt!

Hi Dave, I have the same problem. Do you have the information from Chaos about deleting the Temp file ? Deleting the fbs-file (as mentioned below) doesn´t work! Thank you.

Is it possible that the frame buffer window is in your “second screen”?

In that case, you can move it back in the first screen by clicking in the preview of the vfb in the window bar, then click move, and press ctrl+right arrrow on the keyboard,


Thanks, this worked for me!

Worked for me, Thanks!