Rhino version - 6 or 7 WIP?

Hi @stevebaer, @will,

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What version of Rhino common does compute use? Will the new mesh tools be exposed here? When?

Compute uses Rhino 7 WIP directly. It is built with the Rhino.Inside technology which is Rhino 7 only.

@scottd Wow great! So feasibly I could use this in rhino 6 as a fall back option when a mesh trim fails? I do a lot of these in a production environment so I need a stable version but the mesh trims have been giving me a headache!

Sure, that sounds possible as long as you can detect that a mesh trim failed

@wattzie you can query the specific version of Rhino that’s running on our example Compute server via https://compute.rhino3d.com/version

Edit: I’ve just updated it to use Tuesday’s WIP (7.0.19330.11335)!