New WIP Mesh Intersections and RhinoCompute

Hi @piac, Is any of this available via Rhino compute?

Hi @wattzie

I think it will, once RhinoCompute is updated to use the new Rhino WIP code. But I have just a basic knowledge of RhinoCompute, @stevebaer or @will might be able to tell you more. was last updated on 29th October. Of course, you can run any non-expired version of Rhino WIP if you set up your own Compute server :slight_smile:

Is that a 1-click installation? :slight_smile:
Really, maybe if it’s simple a user could Compute to the WIP from their own machine via localhost.

It’s not as easy as I’d like, but we have a guide :slight_smile:

Edit: I’ve just updated to use Tuesday’s WIP (7.0.19330.11335)!