Rhino Compute in V8 Status?

I was just wondering what the production status of the compute.rhino3d 8.x branch is? It appears some things have moved / changed, I see a lot of commented methods / calls in the repo. It seems like there’s some new paradigm on how to get a copy of the ComputeServer client file, through the client generator tool perhaps?

I’m mid development on a system that was developed against Rhino7, probably 2-3 months out from production deployment. I’d love to have my first rollout be against rhino 8 (particularly due to the .net hosting enhancements), but is the compute infrastructure for V8 considered stable / ready for production? Is there a plan for when documentation will be updated on usage, or am I just looking in the wrong place?

Super excited to get to use all the new V8 hotness!

The Deployment Guide for Production Environments for Rhino.Compute was updated a few weeks ago to work with Rhino 8. If setting up a new VM, I would recommend using the new Rhino 8 bootstrap script and it will install everything using the latest 8.x branch. We don’t currently have a “migration” script to transfer a VM setup for Rhino 7 over to Rhino 8 although this could be done manually. Still, I think it would be best (if possible) to leave your Rhino 7 setup as it is and spin up a new VM with Rhino 8 to do your testing.
Everything should work in Rhino 8 Rhino.Compute as it does in version 7. Some of the new data types that were added in GH1 for Rhino 8 are not yet supported, but we are working on updating Rhino.Compute to handle these new data types. I don’t yet have an update timeline as to when that will be working, but it is under active development so hopefully not too long. Does this help?

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Thanks so much Andy, helps a bunch. So if I understand, I should be able to leave everything the same as it was on the client/caller side when calling v7, but just point it at Rhino.Compute instance hosted by 8.

That’s correct.