Grasshopper in V6 vs V5 lagging when away from origin

I’m not sure if I really have a question here or just putting this up for commentary to understand more… but…

I noticed earlier in the week, while working for a deadline, that my Grasshopper was acting funny… Some nodes taking a longer than usual time to run, input geometry into the basic input commands would lag, etc. (Let me make clear I was doing all this in Rhino v6 SR5) At that time it didn’t matter because I had to push through for a deadline.

But now… I have narrowed down that my geometry being away from origin has had something to do with those issues. When I replicate it in Rhino v5 I don’t get any lag like I do in v6.

Has anyone else noticed this? Or is there a resolution coming for this?

I have attached two files, one with a suffix v5 and v6 to be opened in the respective Rhino versions. There are two surfaces in each, one away from origin and the other at origin. In Grasshopper I use the basic “Geometry” container node to put each of the surfaces into. No problems with the v5 at all, and the surface at origin in v6 again no issues. But, when I try to assign the surface that is away from origin in v6 it lags pretty hard.

Any thoughts/ideas?.. I like working “away from origin,” because I use imported DWG files from Revit to work off of and what I create in Rhino can then be placed exactly where it needs to be back into Revit.


TEST_V5.3dm (251.4 KB)
TEST_V6.3dm (429.1 KB)