Rhino v6 to v7

Just wondering now that version 8 is out if Rhino 6 will be upgradable to v7, or is version 7 a thing of the past, cheers

Hi Bob, If you purchase Rhino 8 and want access to Rhino 7 you can request a legacy key here


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I learned there is no downgrade from an upgrade.

It took a bit but they were able to get that into the System, you can now downgrade from a upgrade with a gap (Rhino 5 to 8 for example)

Huh? When did that happen?

Brian got it going a week or so ago.

Notice the requirements do not mention it any more.


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Would have been nice that we, resellers responsible for informing our clients of their upgrade options, were also informed…

So I guess that also means that those wanting to go from V8 to V6 now have to get and validate an intermediate V7 license first?

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A soft launch i’m assuming, I know it was not an easy fix.

Yes, the RH70 is hardcoded in the request for a Rh6 license.