Rhino v6 on Linux using wine?

First oft all i know that Linux is not supported. This question is only for my own fun and it is no problem if it chould not be fixed.

I am able to run Rhino5 on Linux using wine so now i like to run v6. Saddly the installer is chashing by installing the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages.

In rhinov5 i could install this packages with winetricks and your v5installer isnt trying to install them again. Not in Rhinov6. Your installer is downloading them and trying to install the packages regardless they are allready installed.

Is there a way to skip the check/installation of all vcrun packages?

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I have tried installing v6 in Wine (CodeWeavers really, but that is essentially the same) on Linux Mint 18.3’

The installer fails for GDI+ usage. I haven’t found a way around it. This would require the Wine project to improve support for that DLL.

I might try again someday soon, but I am not overly optimistic.


If you using the commandline-installer with the quiet option there is no GUI in the installer but it is crashing too. I dont understand such things but shouldnt there any need of the GDI+ libary if there is no GUI?

I have found that it is possible to get it running by copying an already installed instance of Rhino 6 to any location that Wine can access. However, it’s behaving weirdly, with no libraries, plugins or menus to be found, very limited configuration options, and even with some commands missing. I’m still exploring possible solutions

Try installing each plug-in manually through Tools > Options > Plug-ins.

Hello, some of them can be installed, however some basic commands like Circle or Polygon aren’t recognized. My hypothesis is that there are system files associated with Rhino 6 that I’m failing to copy. Could that be the case? Where does Rhino look for those kinds of things?

Rhino6 is running in wine-staging (Version 5.3) without problems and could installed without big hacks.


All construction-tools

Not working are:

Grasshopper (doesnt find basic dlls)
Autoupdate (maybe an other bug with german Installation)

Im sure there some/many bigger Plugins with have problems but the complete basic-tools seems to working.

There a few racecondicens were rhino is crashing and some menus a loseing focus to early and closing faster than in windows

But be award that wine-staging isnt stable and rhino isnt meen to run in Linux so you will losing data some times

I will not guide anybody how to install wine-staging and rhino in linux. Search in the winedb and the wine-bug-tracker for rhino 6 and you will find all you need.

I do really need some basic support for Rhino on Linux. At least McNeel, please make the installer Linux (Wine) friendly! If I do run the installer always it is complaining about a broken .net component that can’t be installed. If I do want to run an already installation of Rhino from a Windows machine it is complaining that can’t get the Licence Manager to work.

I can run the most demanding Windows games in Linux but Rhino is the only peace of software that I can’t run. Now you can run Rhino everywhere, even inside on another app, but I dunno why they are refusing to offer even the most basic support for Linux?

Moi3D guy even created an entire Wine wrapper to be able to run his software under Linux.