Rhino UI micro changes

Every time I reopen Rhino there are some micro UI movements and sometimes there are bigger changes. Locking docked windows doesn’t change anything in this behavior. Just annoying.

how it’s set up:

after reopen:

I have reported this here:

IMO this is not a papercut it is a groin itch :wink:

In the latest WIP it’s even worse.

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This is a problem that troubles Rhino for at least as long as I am using it (since version 5) and I suspect it goes back even further.
I kinda lost hope it will ever get resolved, though it sure would be a great relieve not to have to micro-rearrange the toolbars every time I open a Rhino instance (in reality it is not EVERY time, “only” about 9 out of 10 times)

How would that be for a real productivity booster, McNeel?
Make toolbars stable and Rhino users around the world will be forever grateful…


Unfortunately, it’s the only piece of software I use, where I gain that much because of personal UI customization, and it crashes that often. The mix of this two is a really bittersweet feeling.