Rhino UI Bugs - Feedback from classroom

Today I was teaching in a class with 9 students.
Just wanted to feedback that Setting the UI still is not stable or intuitive for all users / on all machines.
I would still call it buggy.
Mac Mini - managed Hardware by the IT of the school - Rhino got installed yesterday - so I it should be the latest version (6th February 2024)

The following bugs appeared on trying to set up all interfaces:


shows a single floating-only window that can not be docked anywhere. why ?
on the initial installation, the command history tab / panel is set to the bottom of the screen, but without any height…
_properites _layers show the right panels _commandHistory does not. why ?

Rhino invisible / disappearing

while trying to set up 3 of 9 machines it occurred that the Rhino main window disappeared while dragging panels. Start dragging a panel, as soon as the mouse pointer reaches the blue/violett target field s Rhino got hidden.

Right Panel - not resizing

Also on 3 or 4 of 9 work places it was not possible to resize the Panel docked to the right.
After finding the very narrow (1 pixel on a retina screen ?) postion where the ↔ resizing arrow is visible, the animation (white line) for the new width was visible / shown, but there was no result.
On student found a workaround: maximize one viewport. Then only dock one panel. Resize this panel first.

Sorry but after all this was not a great experience at all.
Really looking forward to see some improvements / bug fixes.

Next times I will distribute a window Layout setting / file - maybe this is less work.

Thanks. - kind regards -tom

second day today:
9 Students, 2 times we had a crash when draging / modifying the containers / panels.

and finally my day with Rhino 8 ends with 2 “empty containers” - that do not look empty and can t be closed.