UI and Window Layout (Mac) - Wish and Feedback from classroom

Feedback from a classroom with 13 students, mixed Mac / Pc from yesterdays lecture:

commands for panels

_Layer will open the Layer panel - but it seams like this command is not autocompleting in a newly installation ? (I can repeat this on my machine after restart) Several students ended up with opening the LayerStateManager
_properties opens the Properties - Panel - fine
_commandHistory opens a not dockable floating command history window (an evolutionary leftover ?)
This however-you-call-it Window is not managed via Main Menu - > Window → Panels/Toolbars/Containers
_commandHistory should open/ close the dockable Panel “Command History” that is also managed via the menu. The evolutionaryleftover-however-you-call-it Command History-Window should be removed or get another name to be distinguished. If it is kept, it should find its place in t Menu → Window → Panels.

command History, default Window Layout

As I do a kind of UI-Setup session in the classroom, the students will have an empty Rhino document when the do the settings.
But then the Command History Panel is more or less hidden in the default window layout.
As long as there is a teacher (me) in the room, that can tell about this speciality it is managable, but for a new user without support this is for sure annoying.

the (empty) command history panel has to be more visible especially in the default window Layout.
Either the default Layout gives more space to Command History.
Or there is some simple Text in the panel. A simple Prompt ? “Command History: welcome to Rhino”

multiple windows / instances

Many users / students (both platforms Mac/Pc) make the mistake to have more then one window / instance open, when they change their settings - then they close the Rhino-windows and the wrong preferences are finally written. I think there should be a warning / dialog, when you close the second or third window, that was in the background, while more then one setting got changed or the window layout got manipulated on the front window. But please - this dialog must have the option to check “never show this dialog again”

compatibility .rhw ? Classroom setup best practice

Are the Window-Layout-Files “.rhw” compatible between mac and pc ?
I still spend a lot of time till the entire classroom has a nice setup. (regarding preferences and window layout).
What is the best practice to do the setting for mac and pc in a mixed classroom.
(thinking about distributing a .rhw file - but if there have to be 2 for mac/windows …)
…There is no magic “clone the teachers setup”.

preference / options panel mac

it is still a pity, that the mac preference panel is different from the windows version.
the current mac os x system preferences is a great reference how rhino prefs might look - and become more similar to the windows version.

Jealousy on mac’s command option display

nearly in all classrooms I get the same feedback from the windows users:
the mac s command option interface is much cleaner / accessibly.
(it s a pity this was not “homogenised” with the V8 - because it would be really nice to have a V9 without UI changes after all this struggle …)

@ McNeel - can you here me ?

kind regards - have a nice weekend - tom