Rhino Trial Files open with license version, will they still disappear

Hi, I have Rhino 5 installed with a license in my mac system and a rhino 6 trial in my windows system on my mac. I need both to work with my peers since everyone has different versions.

However, when my 90 days expire, will the files in rhino 6 disappear if I have already opened and saved them with my rhino 5 (licensed)?


No, files never “disappear”. The only thing that will happen will be that files in V6 format that you haven’t previously opened in the trial version and saved back as V5 format will be unusable - you will be able to continue to open them in your expired trial version of V6, but will not be able to save any changes. So make sure any important files are saved as V5 before your trial expires. Or buy V6…

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