Rhino Tools not interacting with Grasshopper file

Hello, Im trying to make a grasshopper file work on the design I made using Rhino Tools.

But it seems that the shapes I make in Rhino are separate from the ones I set in Grasshopper,

How can I make them all be affected by the Grasshopper file? Im a lot more comfortable using Rhino tools than Grasshopper menus.

Thanks for any help, its very useful at the early stage!

Hi @joshua_mora ,

We need more info to go on to provide assistance but yes Rhino geometry and Grasshopper geometry are two separate things.

If you want to use Rhino geometry as your “control” geometry and then have functions happen to said geometry inside of Grasshopper you need to reference the Rhino geometry into Grasshopper, apply said functions, and then bake the resulting modified geometry back into Rhino to complete.

There are MANY ways to reference geometry, here’s a couple getting started guides on different methods:

Data Containers

Geometry Pipeline

Reference By Layer (Elefront Plugin)

Reference By Layer (Rhino 8 Native):

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Thank you so much, hadn’t had the time to test these methods but it’s the solution, just got to learn grasshopper more in general but now I can link both.

This community is amazing

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Glad it worked for your needs! Happy Grasshoppering! :cricket: