Plugin or method to link rhino geometry to grasshopper

Dear all,
Is there any way or plugin can help to achieve a live connection between rhino and grasshopper? This live connection I expact similar to the grasshopper-ArchiCAD live connection. Be more specifically, whenever you have done some change to the grasshopper, rhino geometries will have a real-time update and response to that change.
The reason why I am looking for this technique because I want to combine the parametric&dynamic power of grasshopper and the beauty of Enscape. But Enscape only render the rhino static geometry.

Hi Jack_Zeng,

it is possible. You just need an automatic “Baker” in your definition. For example you could use Elefront to bake automatically the objects, when the boolean input is changing. If you give the objects an “Bake Name” , Elefront will replace the baked geometries with the new objects.
Hope I could answer your question.


Hi bumaye, that sounds quite promising, I will give it a shoot, thanks