Total noob question - geometry from Rhino as input

Ok, I just started with Grasshopper and would like to use existing geometry in a Rhino document as input for some variations using Grasshopper.

Is this possible? If so, how?

Hi Menno.

Under Params -> Geometry tab there’s a whole bunch of parameters which you could use to reference your Rhino geometry to Grasshopper.

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@djordje has it covered but just to clarify some finer details about what can be referenced in which [Params].

[Point] you can either reference an existing point or select a co-ordinate. Look to the command line for options. A co-ordinate can now be moved with the Gumball when the [Point] is selected in GH

[Circle] [Line] [Arc] [Rectangle] [Box] [Twisted Box] [Vector] you cannot reference any these in Rhino. You can only define them through GH within the Rhino Document. This is because you may then deform what you have referenced afterwards in Rhino and they would no longer behave the same.

[Surface] [Mesh] [BRep] can only be referenced from Rhino. Note [BRep] can be either Surfaces or Polysurfaces.

[Geometry] Reference multiple types of geometry in one go. points curves surfaces.

[Geometry Pipeline] This allows you to select Rhino Objects by name or layer depending on type.

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it’s also possible to for example:

Insert Deconstruct then right mouse on Point Set One Point. (on the command bar you can change from coordinate too Point or Curve :wink:

You can also Import existing Rhino files:

And filter on Layer or on object names.

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Got one tip. if your going to loft more than 1 time and then want to join/merge/boolean breps. First join curves together then brep in 1 go. Else grasshopper is gonna have a hard time xD