BIMDeX VS CrossCad

Anybody now if this plugin is legit and safe to use?:

I’m not able to find any information from other users. :thinking:
Something is telling me it is not legit!

I also see Bob McNeal is posting about the CrossCad plugin:

Have some of your tried this one?
I’m interested in the Rhino to Solidworks Exporter

Yes i have tried exporting in .stp .iges and .3dm, that only works as one part.

Appreciate your inputs

Hi @oaevjen
If the problem is only your STP coming into SWX as one part instead of as multiple parts, you just need to change your SWX settings to import STP as multiple parts. In SWX go to File>Open and select STP as the file type - then click Options and turn on “Import multiple bodies as parts” in the dialog box. If you are looking to import other features (layers, names etc.) I don’t know - someone with more SWX experience might chime in :slight_smile
HTH, Jakob

Thanks Normand but there are some other challenges in this.
As step import to Solidworks I don’t se any way to keep your layer names with you.
Everything is importing as one stack of “Bodies” within one Solidworks part.
The Bodies is just named with numbers and no groupings at all.
There is no textures or colour.
A Rhino “assembly” file with about 10 Block Definitions, containing 100 reference block definitions, nicely organised and groped together, will end up like a total mess when exported as .step and imported to SolidWorks
Most likely that will never happen as the file will grow to a enormous size and fail to import in Solidworks
Or have I missed something :thinking:

The BIMDex Exporter is claiming to sort out these problems.
If it is a actual real working plugin​:grin::v:

It is possible to try CrossCad/Plg by registering on datakit website (, so you will be able to see if it does what you need.
You can also find some user comments about this plug-in on its Food4Rhino page: