Rhino to Revit object tracking

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I have a question related to Rhino.Inside Revit. Specifically object transfer from Rhino to Revit with sub-categories involved and with New Component Family, Add Component (Location) nodes.

Attached 3dm file includes two groups of boxes. Each group (they are not grouped together, they just sit next to each other) of boxes represents objects belonging to one building.

Each box is then placed into respective master layer and sub-layer based on desired appearance. Each box also has its name, which defines family name later. When two or more boxes share the same name, it tells us that these boxes are geometry components of the same one family.

When I transfer one group of boxes, everything works fine. Families and Types are created, their Instances are being placed to their respective positions, and in the respective sub-categories based on their names, layers, and sub-layers as specified in Rhino model.

However, when I want to transfer the second group of boxes (because it will be created in the future, or has changed in the meantime), Instances created in the first Solution are removed. Families remain in the Revit, as well as Types, but in the Revit Model I can only see objects from the last script Solution.

Is there anything I´m missing in objects tracking philosophy or Family Overwrite functions? Should I release objects once Instances are placed into model? Will Overwrite Family work later when called by the script?

What I want to achieve is that the internal geometry of a single family could change. I´d like to be able to Edit/Replace/Substitute geometries inside respective Families any time later during working on the Project. So if there is a Family with the respective name in the Revit model, owerwrite everything inside the Family with the Geometry in the script. If there is no Family with Name provided by object from Rhino, then Create New Family and put geometry in.

Any suggestions how the workflow can be optimised, or the script enhanced are more than welcome.

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Rhino-to-Revit.3dm (96.8 KB)
Rhino-to-Revit.gh (20.8 KB)


I´ve split Grasshopper definiton into two separate files. Now each file handles different batch of objects, different families.

Unless only one Add Component node is allowed to place components across the whole project, there is some sort of a bug. One Grasshopper file removes instances of families added previously by different file.

Should I split Rhino models too? Or is that by design? Thank you very much for any information.

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Hi Pavel,

Was that the same component? Where you did a file Save as with your GH file? or copied and pasted the component to the new file? Best to create a new Add Component when creating new Elements, if i’m understanding the question correctly.

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Hi Japhy,

yes, I just used “Save document as …” and changed the geometry reference at the script beginning, but creating new node Add Component solved my issues. Thank you very much for your help.

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If I understand this correctly you need a separate grasshopper script for each object or set of objects you create in Revit. I’'ve developed a grasshopper player script that takes blocks, adds some attributes and then brings those blocks to Revit as families.

When I run it on one block, it will delete all the other blocks, unless I select all the blocks in the document at once or create a grashopper script with a separate cluster for each object. This can get very cumbersome fast!

If you have a work flow where you are building something in steps, or need to run the same script but with different user inputs, this object tracking framework doesn’t work.

I’m going to open up a separate topic, as I think this warrants some discussion. This is a core behavior that has a huge impact on usability. A potential solution would be to have a “Bake Name” similar to Elefront or an option to change the writing behavior of revit creation components similar to what is done for the content component.


Replied in your thread… Rhino.Inside Revit Object Tracking - Major Issue? Request for "bake name" - #3 by Japhy