Overwrite Family Issue

Not sure why I’m having this issue. I am able to push the Geo from Rhino to Revit without a problem. However, if I edit the family in Revit and then try and overwrite it from Rhino again it continues to revert back to the overwritten version in Revit. I’ve tried the overwrite option on the components and nothing seems to fix. Any help is appreciated.


Overwrite Family in Revit, wont revert to original geometry|690x296

test.3dm (213.8 KB)
Test.rvt (752 KB)

I recreated your definition and everything works as expected. Did you change the Element tracking from the Default Enabled perhaps?

I tried both methods of tracking and seem to get the same issue.

Heres the steps I had done:

  1. Push Geometry to Revit through the definition
  2. Edit the family in Revit family editor
  3. Load back into Revit (overwrite the existing version)
    4A.Tried unpinning and deleting family in Revit, and reloading from Rhino. Geo reloads as modified family in Revit not Geo from Rhino
    4B. Tried Just reloading from Rhino with both tracking modes, still reloads in Revit as modified from Family editor.

Confused as to why it maintains the changes from the family editor even If I have overwrite set to true in grasshopper and delete the family?

Thanks for the help

I was able to replicate. I would expect the Rhino to Rebuild at that point as well. I’ll make a bug report.

  1. Create Family from Rhino Geometry
  2. Open in Editor, modify geometry, push back into Revit.
  3. Change Tracking to Replace does nothing.

The expectation would be that Replace would overwrite the family.

recreate test family.gh (12.3 KB)

That’s what I would expect as well. Thanks for taking a look, I’ll keep an eye out for a fix.

Hi there,

I was wondering if you’ve figured out the family update thingy. I’m attempting to update families, but instead of updating them, new ones with the name ‘Family XXX’ are being created. I receive the error message that the family must be unique. The Type name is correct, so I believe the issue lies with my workflow.

Hi James,

Everything looks OK here, can you try this definition? if you are still having issues please provide your about info. Thanks Rhino.Inside®.Revit

Overwrite Family.gh (15.9 KB)

Hi Japhy,

Your code works fine on this project.

Do you think it has something to do with the subcategories or the length of the name? Other than that, I don’t see any difference.

Additionally question here, is there any way to create a list with repeated subcategories? I haven’t been able to do it.

Nothing looks out of the ordinary in the screenshot you posted. Can you provide more context to the issue you’re running into? Thanks

The problem is that every time we recompute, it will try to generate new families. That shouldn’t really be a problem, but instead of overwriting, it creates a new family and it gives them new names combining Family + (number) + the original family name. We can’t accept that because we would lose a large number of parameters in each reiteration.

I have tried everything, nothing seems to work. I can’t really post the script here due to company policy. Could you try to recreate the same script I have shown above, including the subcategory creation and the pipeline nodes? I’d appreciate that.

I can help if you can provide a example (with non-proprietary information), anything else would be pure guesswork.

Hi Japhy,

Please see the script attached.

If you could help us to:

  • Solve the issue with the family not overwriting but replacing a new one with a new name.
  • Create a list of Subcategories. It doesn’t seem possibly at the moment and we had to split the trees to make it work.

Kind regards!

Rhino to Revit - Issue- Overwrite Family.gh (24.6 KB)

Your file is missing the layer geometry and has multiple add new components referencing the same name. Please internalize or post the .3dm file you’re referencing as well.

Here is the definition I posted above but with Subcategories. Does this work for you?

Overwrite Family-subcats.gh (12.3 KB)

Hi Japhy,

I really like your approach, however, could you please provide the same script but with all those different families in one or two subcategories? We will have hundreds of families and we need to manage the materials and other parameters through the Subcategories, so it has to be simplified to one Subcategory to Object type.

Kind regards,

Hi James, You can make your own branches, here i Entwined several SubCategories already in the document to create the list I needed.

Thank you Japhy, that was very useful. I have been creating trees for a while and I don’t think that’s the issue.

Am I allowed to use Concatenate to create the name of the family? Bc It seems that’s the issue here.