Rhino to Illustrator Printing


I am trying to find the best solution for printing quality files from rhino. So far the best way for me to do it seems to be to print to Rhino PDF and bring it in to Illustrator. Which is frustrating in of itself as quite often the view I am able to see of my plan in rhino model space is superior (but I can only -viewcapturetofile this image in the layout mode everything always goes haywire with line weights and text sizes.

Lately however, every time I try to print a large rendered image with vectors on its, it always rasters the image instead of doing a vector output - as i asked for.

Does anyone know the best way to get around this? It seems to work in wireframe, but not technical. Which is annoying, as the wireframe view always comes with weirdly located grid lines.



Well, if you’re using Technical view or a derivative, that will always be raster… Technical is screen-based and therefore always raster (pixels). There is no vector equivalent or output currently.