PDF Export Options Vector vs. Raster Output

Hello everybody,

I have a question about exporting my technical drawing as PDF. When I set the output type as raster, the lines are the correct type (set as in my Rhino view window). However, when I want to export as vector, it changes the line definitions.



What I want is the line types of vector to be as the ones of raster. Can anybody help me with that?


buddy, sometimes things are not that straightforward. You should first make it a 2d drawing by Make2d command, also check hidden line, and then use that 2d drawing for print. it will hardly take a minute.

Hi Tom -

Apart from what was said, in Rhino 7, when you print a shaded or technical viewport as vector, the wireframe will be printed, resulting in what you see.

In Rhino 8, when using a technical display mode and printing as vector, hidden lines will use the Hidden linetype.


Thank you Wim for your reply!

I installed the Rhino 8 beta and that works for me.

Hello Kalpit, thanks for your suggestion!