Rhino to Illistrator

I am trying to export lines from rhino into Illustrator, but Illustrator does not show up in the list of save as options. Is there a plug in I need to download? Any suggestions?

Hi Renee- it should be there- do you see other formats, like IGES, or STL etc? Is this Rhino 4 or 5?


No, only earlier versions of Rhino are available options.

Hi Renee- is this Rhino 5, or a previous version? I ask because we occasionally see this in V4, but I don’t think I’ve seen the missing plug-ins problem much, if at all, in V5. In any case, you can load the missing plug-ins by finding (in Windows Explorer) the Rhino installation folder > Plug-ins folder and selecting all the *.rhp files (Rhino plug-ins) and dragging them onto the Rhino window. (please make sure only one Rhino is open) Then, close and reopen Rhino. Do you see the save/export formats?

If not, please close Rhino and then right click on the Rhino icon and choose ‘Run as administrator’ and repeat the drag and drop as above, close and reopen Rhino normally… any luck?


Thank you, that fixed my problem.