Rhino to illustrator

how can i add the illustrator save option to the rhino toolbar of saving?
i installed illustrator on my computer after rhino but rhino did not add illustrator to the saving options…
what can i do ?

Do you mean the standard toolbar?

The only way I know to save to the illustrator format is to “SaveAs” (type this in the command line and hit Enter). At the next window fill in the file name and below that is a popup option list for some 45 file formats… Adobe Illustrator being one of them,

You could also make “SaveAs” a shortcut in the Options/keyboard window

thank you fo the answer .
but the problem is that when i go to “save as” i only have the option to
save as rhino , no other options.
is there a way to chang that ? or maybe add options to “save as”?

In the command line type “saveas” as one word, no space, and you should get this under the file name entry: