Rhino text editor


I am looking for the way how to insert special characters into rhino text editor - without browsing in other text editors and using CTRLC CTRLV - such as pi (π) anf the other common symbols (sum, diameter, Greek symbol etc.) I know the command of slash “text”\ that perfectly working for command line but Rhino text editor works independent way, so no other buttons available when Text editor is open.

Hold down the ALT key and then, from your numeric key pad, enter “227” and then release the Alt key.


smile: thanks, I know this solution just would be better to create a button for each special character in common usage. Any idea with macros?

Am I going mad? Was there a version of Rhino where these common symbols could be inserted by a button? I thought they were in the Properties->Text panel, or the EditText box?

Or am I thinking of another program? I don’t really use any other CAD programs, just Sketchup once in a blue moon.

I found what I was thinking of.

In the Leader text editor, there are buttons for Diameter, Degrees and +/- symbols.

I could have sworn those buttons used to be in the EditText box in an earlier build of V5? It would be good if they were in every text editing box.

maybe you can use different modifier keys for certain characters? on mac, you can get these ones via the keyboard: