Inserting special characters

Hi everyone. I am using Rhino to produce academic illustrations. Is it possible to annotate my figures with special characters such as Greek letters and subscripts? Thanks

Hello - Text and TextObject should help here.


Hello Pascal. Thank you for your prompt reply. I am quite new to Rhino and the text editor doesn’t seem to give me the option of inserting any special characters. Am I missing something?

Have you tried copying the special character from somewhere (say a web page about UTF-8 symbols) and pasting it?

Hello Nathan. Thanks for your reply. If I copy it say from a web page, where do I paste it? in the text editor? I tried it and it isn’t working. Can you kindly explain in more detail how to achieve this please. Thanks

Thank you Nathan, it seem to be working now. My other problem is if there is a way to write subscript in Rhino text editor?

Hi -

That’s currently not possible, no. We have that feature request on our list as RH-35493 and I have added your vote to it.