Rhino sweep1

Hi, I am wanting to create a smoothe profile along this rail with the sweep1 command. I have tried different configurations yet I always end up with this bump. I know it is a tight angle but there must me a way to avoid it? Or maybe smooth it out? I would appreciate any advice, thank you!

rebuild the rail curve so it has a higher degree may help

is this topic still relevant for you ?
post a file.

you get those self-intersections because the local radius of the rail is less then the width of the shape / cross at this position.

this is what s happening shown an a simple 2d-example:
blue - rail
green - shape/cross
violett - radius at peak, command: _radius, point at center
black - sweep1

possible fixes:

  • a different rail / same position
  • a railcurve at the inside of the shape (new position)
  • draw more shapes that are not all perpendicular to the rail
  • draw more shapes to define the changes along the sweep according to the radius

post more info / file / design intend if you still need more help.
kind regards, happy new year -tom