Please Help, Problem with Sweep 1 Rail

I have a problem with sweep 1 rial option
I try to sweep curve wood frame but result be like this

but, it is not have a problem with normal rectangle

please help …:cry:
model.3dm (1.2 MB)

Maybe you should take action on tolerance, decrease, for example. Someone smarter than me will tell you more…

How to do with that? sir :cry:

Maybe you must try different approach. Look in this file… klik

One Arc on the profile had an extra small curve,
and in the sweep 1 use the option: untrimmed Miters
and it works.

model sweeped.3dm (4.2 MB)

that’s the little extra curve, on the top/last Arc.

Thank you verymuch Akash,
But I just try on Untrimmed Miters but the result is not good for constain shape.
just a little bit distort in the side. Do you have another way to fix that?:cry:

P.S. I already check out an extra line on my file, but it’s not better .

The problem is that on curved shape the 1rail won’t close as in the planar one.
Look at the intersection between vertical extrusion and curved one.

The difference will be clear when building the wood frame in real world.
You could solve in two way:
a) Create the “Flat” Frame and Flow along a curve
b) Create the 4 extruded profiles and cut them in the corners as you would do in real world (you’ll see that the corners won’t be perfect as the a) option but this is what your worker will build…)
See attached file.

model_LZ.3dm (1.8 MB)


OHHH!!! How did you do that?? :grinning:

Can you show me with video sir?
Please please please…

Thank you lucio_zadra

You’ll find some videos in the RHINO HELP (F1)
Search “Flow along curve” command.
If there’s something you don’t understand, then ask and we’ll try to explain with some examples.
Ciao! :wave:

Dear Lucio

Thank a million, :innocent:

Finally, I got this one

a little bit wrong direction
But, I fix by rotate

Would you have some trick to manage the direction of object?

It depends where you click on the reference curves.
If you click near left end or near right end the command will flip the result.