Rhino surfaces appear broken in Twinmotion

Hello! I am using Twinmotion with Rhino6 and… I am waiting for Twinmotion 2020 DirectLink fixings :(… I to now I just export FBX from Rhino6 and import it in TM! One question: does TM recognise only solid geometries??.. I model surfaces in Rhino which not appear or appear broken in TM… could someone give me an explanation about? Thanks!

Use the eyedropper tool to click on ‘broken surfaces’ that you can detect. That will bring up their material in the window at the bottom. Most likely it is a one sided surface or polysurface with no thickness or volume and you need to look at the setting all the way to the end at the right and click on the option ‘one sided’ and it will now display from either side. If it flickers on screen or is invisible it is a matter of inconsistent normals. One sided will fix that!

WOW! Solved! Thanks Jodyc111!

You are welcome Gianluca. I had to go through that myself first couple of times I used TM. BTW I have had better luck using the Direct Link after starting out with the FBX export. Took a bit of head scratching there but it is worth the time to learn to use as well. Here is a Rhino model of mine that took maybe 5 \minutes to configure in TM after using the Direct Link function. I circled the Two Sided option in red and it is buried sort of deep in the UI.