Rhino surface shell

I have created a surface.
Now I want to create a wall thickness of 2mm.
How can I do this?
The shelling tool is giving me some issues as this polysurface is not closed.

You might give OffsetSrf with the Solid option a try…


Or convert your surface to a mesh and use ‘Mesh Thicken’ command in the Weaverbird plugin for Grasshopper. You could then go on to apply smoothing to all the edges should you wish too.

T-Splines also has a ‘Thicken’ command.

All require plugin’s, but are free or have free trials.


thanks guys! fixed it!

I think it is great seeing what cool looking stuff people are working on. Thanks for sharing :smile:

I have a question about Rhino surfaces. Does anyone know how you can keep surfaces as a whole surface when you import a rhino surface into ship constructor?