Help about Surface thickness

I want to add thickness to the surfaces. When Using offsetsrf, didn’t be made onething. there is any way to make thickness. rhino or grasshopper, both can (11.9 MB)

Hi @akdang47 ,
Depending on your needs this might be sufficient:
_Explode the polysurface
_Rebuild all surfaces with u&v degree=1 and control points=2 (delete input and don’t rebuild edges)
_ExtractControlPolygon then _Join these meshes and _AlignVertices (DistanceToAdjust=1)
_Weld 180 and then _OffsetMesh with the thickness you want. It should look like the attached.

You may convert that mesh back _ToNurbs. There are more precise workflows if needed…

Hope this helps, Jess

paneling_jM.3dm (3.3 MB)

Thank you Jess.
But there is one more problem… I should divide it for 3d printing, size is too big to make. how can I divide it?

Well, you may split the solid. but I would probably join the mesh faces in separate regions which can be printed before offsetting the thickness.