Need some little help here


I’m trying to close these surfaces to a polysurface but it doesn’t work and I don’t know why. Can you have a look over it? What is the problme there? help.3dm (224.7 KB)


Hi Alex,

there are some bad objects in this polysurface. To make Rhino detect them automatically you might enable _CheckNewObjects. This will pop up a dialog every time a bad object is created.

To repair it, you can extract the bad surfaces and inspect their trim curves (_Untrim _KeepTrimObjects=_Yes then _Explode the trim curves). There are some tiny segments which made the trims bad…too time consuming to repair them all so i`ve just extracted the important ellipses and made some new lofted surfaces. I guess the source of the problems is a loft surface of the inner shell which should be a single surface but has fallen apart into 4 surfaces. This can be avoided if your loft curve (the trim of the bulged cap) is continous, without having kinks in them.

help.3dm (125.2 KB)