Rhino Sun Animation

Is there a way to change the resolution when doing a sun animation? I want to caputure my viewport mode but it comes out all pixelated. I’d like to have it in a rather high resolution but I cant seem to find any soloution,


Setup the sun study animation:

Then before you run the animation, maximize your selected viewport to increase the resolution.

So the output is limited to my viewport? It should be possible to set a custom resolution just as in ViewCaptureToFile?

How do I make this panel visible? can’t find it anywhere.

Command: SetOneDaySunAnimation

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Thanks. Stop hiding all this wonderful things behind complex commands :slight_smile:

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If you type “Sun” or “Animation”, all the commands with those words in them will show on the command list.
Rhino commands are named carefully to make them easy to find.
At least that’s the intent.

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been poking them about these obscure commands for year :wink: