Rhino splitting words at special character bug

Hi i found this bug where rhino splits words containing special characters (for example “ä”)
see image below. if “ä” is replaced to “a” word will stay together.

It looks like maybe that happens when you adjust the wrapping width by moving the right-side grip point. Is that right?

I didn’t see that happen with a very quick check with some text including “ä” in some words.

With any bug report, it’s very helpful if you include enough information for us to be able to reproduce your problem. Without that, we are often guessing about what the problem really is, or, more likely, working on a different bug that we have more information about.

In this case, it would be nice to have

  • A description of what operation you were trying when the problem happened
  • A Rhino file with the example paragraph of text
  • The specific version of Rhino you’re running - The output from running the SystemInfo command usually has more info than needed, but including it ensures we have enough.


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