Text split behaving weird

Hi! I’m experiencing some weird behaviour from “text split”.
I want to split a series of paragraphs into a “text lines list”.
I used *{linefeed}" as "special code* but each time I start a new Rhino session, it doesn’t split the text properly.
I deactivate special codes and reactivate it and it remains stable, but when I close Rhino and start a new session, the little annoyance comes back again.
It is no biggie, but is a little frustrating because I will work for a long time with this definition.

Side note. The text comes from a XML parser from GHowl. If I internalize the data and make a new file, the problem doesn’t appear.

I made the test with “text join” and the unstability happens the same.
There seems to be something wrong with the special codes parameter of the panels.