Rhino 6: really annoying text issue

Hi Guys,
i was not able to find a topic about my problem on the forums, so im going to open a new one.
Here’s my problem:
It appears when using “special characters”

  1. Picture: typing characters

  2. Picture: placeing characters

so far so good, but now it starts to get crazy

  1. Picture: editing text, you can now see on the right side that the characters converted into some code

  2. Picture: if I edit the text the characters typed in first are overridden by the code (really annoying for roomstamps, especially with the squaremeter symbol ²)

  3. Picture: every time marking and unmarking the text a new backslash is added to the code, if you then make an edit to it you end up with something like this…

is this a known problem and are there any solutions so far?
greets Clemens

Yes, this is a known bug, but looks like it will not get fixed until 2 service releases from now…


Sorry, --Mitch

In several weeks with the release of final 6SR5 there should be a release candidate for 6SR6.

After the Service Release Candidate Update of today the problem seems to be fixed. :slight_smile:
Thank you guys for the fast implementation!

Greets, Clemens