Rhino searching for mappings... forever

Something I observed during the last weeks is that Rhino becomes incredibly slow when I open a file and it does not find a texture assigned to a material. These lockups often last several minutes, killing my workflow… end even after opening and telling me the texture was not found, the same happens when I copy something to the clipboard.

During the last days Rhino was often searching for a granite texture with this path:
what is that supposed to mean?



There appears to be a problem accessing the texture. I’ve logged it as RH-61164 Access denied for textures on S3

Hmm…except that there’s not Granite.png texture that we actually supply…so I wonder why it’s looking for it?

yes weird isn´t it? And I would normally take textures from my library and not from McNeel… so I am relatively sure it wasn´t me :wink:

Perhaps you can share the file with the material that wants the granite texture?