Rhino Script Compiler for Rhino5, second Beta

Hidden and transparent is not currently a supported option (you currently get one or the other). I’ll see if this is possible

Sure, I’m just trying to minimize my efforts at the moment since there is a lot to be done and I know there is already a list of things to do based on this thread.

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Would you make the compiler executable able to be referenced with clr.AddReference?
Respectively making the classes/methods public?

I would like to automate compiling all my scripts into plugins and not have to run the compiler and go through selecting the files and entering the properties separately.

The plan is to allow the executable to be run as a cli so you could just launch the exe with command line args to have it perform the compilation and exit. The project file is a simple XML file that you could manipulate from any programming environment.

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Awesome, thanks. Can’t wait.

The latest version in today’s WIP should allow you to have both transparent as well as hidden & transparent style commands

Thank you Steve, I will check it out…


Can you please tell me where I can find the new compiler ?


Hi Roger - from the Rhino 7 WIP menu, pick Tools > Script Compiler:

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Thanks Wim

Hello everyone,
I have just edited my first .rhp plug-in from rhinoScript scripts. It works fine. But I had only the line commande interface. What happened to the orginal monkeyCompiler interface ? Is it still available with rhino 5 ?