A friendly reminder: we need a Rhinoscript compiler for V5

I don’t want this to fall off the radar with all the focus on the new forum and early V6 development.




@DavidRutten was working on this, but I’m not sure where he got. We need to put some serious thought into how this is implemented as I think I won’t be able to support RhinoScript compiled plug-ins that were compiled with the current compiler in V6 and I would like to make these compiled scripts work through as many versions as possible.

I agree that the compiled plug-ins need to run in future versions of Rhino. I’ve never pursued Python because there isn’t a compiler for that either. Hopefully Rhinoscript will not go extinct before a compiler for Python appears.


The issue isn’t the underlying script (RhinoScript versus Python). It lies in how the script is compiled. The old script compiler uses classes in the Rhino_DotNet sdk to create the plug-in. This SDK may not exist in V6 and it sure will never exist on OSX. A new script compilation should either use RhinoCommon classes or be it’s own thing all together different.

Okay, I understand. Thanks for the information.


If the gap between V5 and V6 is what it was the last time, I would say its definitely worth it to release a new compiler and have users benefit from it for the next years to come.

But form I can tell now it is much more complicated now and until now I had no idea where the problem lies.
My problem with the old Monkey script compiler was that when using encryption on larger scripts, the V5 64-bit Rhino would freeze because of the pretty bad encryption method. I know that @dale had better way already figured out and I was hoping at least that could be released as a fix to the old compiler on Labs or NG only, apart from the new shiny future compiler that will work on next version and multiple platforms.

I has been a loooooong time since It has been asked for. Is there any chance at least this fix can happen soon? It would convince me that the Discourse works better than the old NG where I could not get this accomplished :wink:

I thought Dale sent you a sample project that you could use to compile your script which fixed the 64bit / encryption issues

Looks like the sample project for this is at

Indeed. And as much as I appreciate the help and even @dale recording the instructional video for non-programmers how to create plugins from scripts in Visual Studio I had no luck completing this tutorial successfully even though I tried multiple times. There is no question that even If I somehow got it to work, the effort and complexity of doing it is far greater than it used to be with the old @DavidRutten 's Monkey script compiler.

In my case it gets even more complicated - since several scripts I have are actually commercial plugins, in order to make the protection work not only I have to encrypt the plugin but also compile it individually for each user since the licenses are tied to user’s copies of Rhino. In that case having to go thru the complex process of using Visual Studio every single time just doesn’t work in my case.

This is the only reason why Rhino 5 64-bit versions of my plugins are not available yet and I feel pretty bad receiving numerous requests from users asking when its going to happen. Again - I can’t make it work with visual studio and even if I did - the process of doing it compared to the old compiler is too complicated to make it viable solution.
I was really hoping what Dale proposed was just a temporary fix and we won’t have to take a step back from where we were in Rhino 4.

Hope it makes sense and you will still consider it a valid request and won’t let users wait much longer for the improved compiler.

Thank you.

It is a valid request. I’m just not quite sure what the problem is with getting your plug-in working by using Visual Studio in the interim. Yes the tools are different and possibly confusing, but once the project is properly set up it should take absolutely no difference in time to compile your plug-in with new license information.

It sounds like Dale’s video needs some tuning if you were unsuccessful at completing his tutorial. I’ll watch the video today to see if there are any spots that I think could use clarification, but it would be really helpful to know what parts you found to be not clear enough.

I know you’ve heard this before Steve, but we desperately need a Python compiler as well, the lack of it plus the still somewhat incomplete rhinoscriptsyntax toolset is what’s currently keeping Python a second cousin to vb rhinoscript (IMHO).
Cheers, --Mitch

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Sigh, I know. So much to do, so little time.

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Dale’s video is very clear and easy to follow. I have repeated all the steps, it just didn’t work on my end.
Tried several times a while ago and I remember that the compiled plugin just didn’t run or do anything.
So I am sure I was doing something wrong, I may need to try again to report exact problem.

Steve, I think even once the project is properly set up and I make it work - with the proposed workflow and number of steps (including creating encrypted version of each RhinoScript etc.) - I am positive it will take more time than using current Monkey compiler. I will do it only If I hear from you there will be no other choice in near future.

This will be a considerable time investment on my end to compile the script for each user the ‘new way’. Will be difficult to keep the V5 64-bit version update free of charge as I initially intended.

Hi Steve
I also would need the compiler for Python
Ciao Vittorio

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Yeah, that’s the downside of being as brilliant as you are…
Everyone has projects for you… :books: :triangular_ruler: and no time for :bicyclist: :ski:
–Mitch :smiling_imp:

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I would desperatly like to have the Python compiler too.

Best regards