Rhino says gh is unknown command

When I click the grasshoppper icon or enter _Grasshopper in the command line it returns “unkown command”, any idea whats happening?

Has your Rhino trial expired? Rhino will not load any plug-ins when it is out-of-date, so that might explain it.

Otherwise, the Grasshopper plugin may just not get loaded. Which version of Rhino do you have?

Had the problem after updating to SR13. Used the repair function of the installer and the problem was solved.

I just got the trial yesterday, so it’s not expired.
I was using ver 6, just tried uninstall & re-install (bad idea) because my licence doesnt work…
Any idea what I could do?

Hi @dyl.salt,

Can you please post a screenshot of where you are getting stuck with your license (Please don’t post a screenshot with your actual license key!). That would give me a hint to solve this issue for you.