Rhino rws not showing attatched dwg on open


I am working as an architect in Sweden. Mostly food&beverage.
On many of my projects I get handed a dwg file from the already existing building or unit.

I have recently started to use Worksession as a way to import the dwg, since then I know it ends up on the exact same place as in the original.

Now however I have noticed that sometimes when I open my saved RWS file it does not show my dwg. It shows in my layers panel that it’s still attached. But it is as if Rhino does not render the lines.

Is there a fix to this, or something I can do differently?
Grateful for help in this

I use Rhino 7.8
on windows 10

What happens if open the .dwg file directly, or import it, or make it the active file in the worksession?

If I open the .dwg directly it works fine, the downside then is that I can move the drawing around. I’d like it to stay in the original place, this because when I share it later with clients or other consultants it’s not changed (other than my deliberate changes).

It does not help if I make the .dwg the active file in the worksession.

This becomes a problem every time I close and reopen the project I’m working on

What happens if you open your main file or start a new project, then start Worksession without opening a .rws file, and then Attach the .dwg file as a not active file?

Attached files other than the active file in Worksession can be locked or unlocked. Is the .dwg file locked or unlocked?