Rhino.RhinoApp.RunScript - Make2D

Hallo all,

I was wondering how to find out the options for commands when exectuding them with Rhino.RhinoApp.RunScript?

Especialy I am interested in the Make2D command and how I can controll the layer names?

Best Richard

Hi @richard_schaffranek,

for the Make2D command run from a Rhino script you could see all available options in the command prompt if you suppress the dialog using a hyphen in front of the command. eg.: -Make2D will show these:


Layernames can be defined if you set the MaintainSourceLayers option to No.


I am using Runscript to generate 2D drawings (Make2D) from within scripts (Rhino5.0) . And it works like a charm normally. However when running it on a Czech system (but I guess any other language will be the same) it screws up.

Issue is that I want to make changes such as DrawingLayout=CurrentView on the run …
When using this in Czech it says “Neznamy prikaz” which translates Unknown command

Do I need to check language first and than use the correct Inputs or is there a way to trigger english inputs

You should try to add an underscore before each command name.
“_Make2d” instead of “Make2D” for example.

Yes I was aware of that however you will also need the _ for parameters of this command
e.g. _DrawingLayout=_CurrentView

I guess so…
Does it solve your problem ?

jap it did