Make2D command not working wth rhinocommon

Good afternoon,
I spent the whole afternoon trying to figure out how to get the command Make2d working in through rhinocommon.
I’m using this code to launch the function:

RhinoApp.RunScript("-_Make2d DrawingLayout=CurrentView ShowTangentEdges=Yes CreateHiddenLines=No MaintainSourceLayers=Yes Enter", True)

When stop the code just before this line, and copy paste the exact same code in rhino console it works fine. (Well not the exact same code, just the script code)

Would you have any idea?

You probably need to make your command have a ScriptRunner attribute since you are using RunScript

…and probably make shure objects to Make2D are preselected…


Thanks a lot, it works fine; you saved me! I feel so stupid, I should have known!